Sera Goldy Nature Flakes 2kg/10Litre

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Sera Goldy Nature is the staple food for smaller goldfish and their fancy variants.
Does not contain dyes and preservatives.

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Fuel Vibrant colours and Healthy Growth with a Diet Close to Nature

Nourish your goldfish's natural splendor with Sera Goldy Nature Flakes!
This complete and balanced flake food is packed with wholesome ingredients that promote vibrant colouration, healthy growth, and overall well-being for your finned friends.

Recommended animal size:

  • Small to Medium goldfish

Goldfish Thrive on Nature's Bounty:

  • Free from Dyes and Preservatives: Sera Goldy Nature prioritizes natural ingredients, avoiding artificial additives that may be harmful to your fish.
  • Rich in Protein for Growth: High-quality fish meal and insect meal provide essential protein for healthy development and vibrant colouration.
  • Balanced with Vitamins and Minerals: Formulated with a complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin A, D3, and E, to support a strong immune system and overall health.
  • Enhanced with Beneficial Additives: Mannan oligosaccharides promote healthy gut bacteria for improved digestion and nutrient absorption.

Benefits for Your Goldfish:

  • Radiant colours: The balanced blend of nutrients encourages vibrant colour development and intensification, allowing your goldfish to display their full natural beauty.
  • Healthy Growth and Development: Essential protein sources support healthy growth, strong bones, and proper muscle development.
  • Improved Digestion: Mannan oligosaccharides promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, aiding digestion and nutrient absorption for optimal health.
  • Reduced Water Clouding: The flakes are formulated to minimize water clouding, keeping your aquarium clean and visually appealing.

Suitable for a Variety of Goldfish:

Sera Goldy Nature Flakes are perfect for all goldfish breeds, including:

  • Common goldfish
  • Shubunkin
  • Fantail goldfish
  • Veiltail goldfish
  • Lionhead goldfish
  • And many more!

Easy Feeding:
For optimal health, simply feed your goldfish once or twice daily, providing only as much as they can consume within a short period.
Avoid overfeeding to maintain good water quality.

Experience the Natural Difference with Sera Goldy Nature:
Sera Goldy Nature Flakes offer a natural and balanced approach to goldfish nutrition.
By providing essential nutrients and promoting overall health, you can witness the radiant beauty and vitality of your goldfish thrive.

Additional Tips:

  • For a varied diet, consider supplementing Sera Goldy Nature Flakes with other Sera goldfish foods, such as frozen or vegetable-based options.
  • Monitor your goldfish's feeding behavior and adjust the amount of food accordingly to prevent overfeeding.
  • Maintain good water quality through regular water changes and proper filtration.

Indulge your goldfish with the natural goodness of Sera Goldy Nature Flakes and watch their vibrant colours shine!

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