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Sicce Mi Mouse Pump 300L/h






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Sicce Mi Mouse Pump (300L/H)

Mi Mouse is a pump that offers excellent performances, the ideal to use in small spaces, thanks to its compact dimensions.

Mi Mouse is completely submergible and, driven by a permanent magnet induction motor, it permits variable adjustment of the water flow rate.

Mi Mouse is equipped with a fixed water outlet pipe 10mm high, with an external diameter of 13 mm, that allows connection of both flexible pipes (with an internal diameter of 12 mm) and rigid pipes (with an internal diameter of 13 mm).

Ideal for indoor fountains, cribs, aquariums, terrariums and turtle tanks. The pump is fitted with vibration-damping rubber pads that make the pump completely silent.

Suitable for Freshwater & Marine.

Ideal for Nano Reefs, Turtle Tanks, or Terrariums

Mi Mouse LPH Watt Amp Head Max Dimensions
300 300 l/h 3.8 0.035 0.5m 42 x 58.5 x 46 mm 1.5m 13mm