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Zoo Med Floating Betta Exercise Mirror







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The Zoo Med Floating Betta Exercise Mirror, is a great way to give your Siamese fighting fish some excitement and fun.


When your Betta sees its reflection in the mirror, he will "exercise" his fins by expanding them and show off his true majestic qualities.


The Zoo Med Floating Betta Exercise Mirror reduces boredom from captivity conditions and encourages your Betta to perform natural behaviours.

Carefully remove the exercise mirror from the packaging and rinse in warm water. Place the exercise mirror in with your Betta for a maximum of 5 minutes at a time, once or twice a day.


Designed for enclosures of a minimum of 4 litres. It may take your Betta a few tries to get used to the mirror. Do not leave the mirror, in the enclosure, as it will cause your fish to stress.