2Hr Aquarist APT Fix 500ml

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The smarter way to treat algae.
Especially effective for BBA, hair/string/fuzz and most forms of filamentous algae.
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The smarter way to treat algae.

APT Fix uses an active compound that biodegrades naturally within 24hours, with no nasty residues.
APT FIX contains a proprietary mix of epoxy aldehydes.
The dialdehyde components are protein crosslinkers that deactivate algae cells by binding to their proteins.
The active component activates in water, but is quickly broken down by biological microbial action, resulting in no bio-accumulation in the aquarium ecosystem in the long run.

This enables APT FIX to be a safe and effective inhibitor for various freshwater algae.

Especially effective for:

  • BBA
  • Staghorn
  • Hair/String/Fuzz & Thread
  • Most forms of filamentous algae.

Gently biodegrades completely.

Our signature Standard Pack comes with a calibrated spot-dosing pipette.

Spot-dose up to 1ml per 10L every 24 hours.

Dose in 2 equally effective ways:

Partially drain tank and spray on affected areas.
Quickly refill with out letting plants dry out.
Pause filter and Spot-Dose using pipette or eye-dropper on affected areas.
Restart filter.
Keep within recommended dosage limit.

Contains 3% Epoxy Aldehydes