API Algae Pad For ACRYLIC Aquariums

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A durable hand held scrubbing pad to effectively remove algae buildup in the nooks and crannies of your ACRYLIC aquarium.

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The API Algae Pad for Acrylic Aquariums is a handheld cleaning tool designed to effectively remove algae buildup from the walls of your acrylic aquarium. This non-abrasive pad offers a safe and easy way to maintain a clean and visually appealing environment for your fish and plants.
A durable hand held scrubbing pad to clean in the nooks and crannies of your acrylic aquarium.

Quickly removes unsightly algae from acrylic aquariums.

Do not use on dry surfaces.
Rinse pad with tap water before and after each use.


  • Safe for Acrylic: The soft, non-abrasive material gently removes algae without scratching the delicate surface of your acrylic aquarium.
  • Handheld Design: Provides comfortable control for targeted cleaning of specific areas within the tank.
  • Reusable and Easy to Clean: Simply rinse the pad with water after use for continued cleaning sessions.
  • Compact Size: The small size allows for easy maneuvering and cleaning even in tight spaces within your aquarium.


  • Effective Algae Removal: Effectively removes unsightly algae buildup from your acrylic aquarium walls.
  • Scratch-Free Cleaning: The non-abrasive design ensures the safety of your acrylic aquarium.
  • Easy to Use: The handheld design offers comfortable control and targeted cleaning.
  • Cost-Effective: Reusable and long-lasting, providing value for money.
  • Maintains Crystal-Clear Clarity: Helps keep your aquarium looking its best for optimal viewing of your fish and plants.

If aquarium gravel is picked up on pad, rinse off with tap water before using again.
Gravel will scratch acrylic surfaces.
To avoid scratching or breaking aquarium, do not use with extreme pressure.

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