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API Aquarium Salt, made from evaporated seawater, is a must-have for any freshwater aquarium owner.
It provides a natural source of essential electrolytes that are crucial for gill function, reducing stress and promoting disease recovery.

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API Aquarium Salt, made from evaporated seawater, is a must-have for any freshwater aquarium owner.
It provides essential electrolytes that play a vital role in the health and well-being of your fish.

Unveiling the Benefits of API Aquarium Salt:

  • Electrolyte Replenishment: Electrolytes are crucial for various bodily functions in fish, including oxygen uptake, carbon dioxide and ammonia release through the gills, and proper osmoregulation (maintaining water balance). API Aquarium Salt helps replenish these essential minerals when used as directed.
  • Reduced Stress and Improved Gill Function: Electrolyte imbalance can lead to stress and difficulty breathing in fish. By providing the necessary electrolytes, API Aquarium Salt promotes healthy gill function and overall well-being, reducing stress on your fish.
  • Enhanced Vitality and Coloration: Optimal electrolyte levels contribute to a fish's vibrant health. API Aquarium Salt helps your fish reach their full potential, promoting beautiful coloration and overall vitality.
  • Disease Recovery Support: While not a standalone treatment, API Aquarium Salt can create a slightly antiseptic environment within your aquarium, aiding in the recovery process of certain fish diseases.

When to Use API Aquarium Salt:

  • New Aquarium Setup: Adding API Aquarium Salt when setting up a new freshwater aquarium helps establish a healthy environment for your fish from the start.
  • Water Changes: Regular water changes are crucial, but they can also deplete electrolytes. Replenish them with API Aquarium Salt during water changes to maintain a healthy environment.
  • Treating Fish Disease: API Aquarium Salt can be used alongside specific medications to support the recovery process of certain fish diseases.

Dosage and Important Notes:

  • Dosage: Add 1 rounded tablespoon for every 20 liters (5 gallons) of water or ½ rounded teaspoon for every 4 liters (1 gallon) of aquarium water.
  • Regular Dosing: API Aquarium Salt does not evaporate or get filtered out. Therefore, it should only be added with each water change to maintain optimal levels.
  • Live Plant Compatibility: While generally safe, some live plants may be sensitive to API Aquarium Salt. Monitor your plants closely and adjust usage if necessary.

API Aquarium Salt: A Simple Solution for Optimal Fish Health
By incorporating API Aquarium Salt into your aquarium maintenance routine, you can ensure your fish have the essential electrolytes they need to thrive. This natural product promotes healthy gill function, reduces stress, aids in osmoregulation, and supports disease recovery, creating a vibrant and healthy environment

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