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API Nitra Zorb

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A convenient pouch of natural and synthetic ion-exchange resins that selectively removes ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate from freshwater aquariums. Not suitable for use in saltwater. 


Nitra-Zorb also helps during start up by reducing unhealthy ammonia surges while establishing the aquariums ecosystem. Nitra-Zorb is completely phosphate-free and can be reused again after recharging.


Rinse pouch under tap water.
Place pouch in path of water flow in the aquarium filter.
For a new aquarium or when ammonia or nitrite is detected: recharge every 5 days for the first month, and then every 2 weeks for the second month.
For an established aquarium: recharge every 2 weeks.
When nitrate is detected: recharge every 5 days until nitrate is reduced to 20ppm (mg/L) or less.
Replace pouch after 2 months.

To recharge, dissolve 4 tablespoons (80 g) of API AQUARIUM SALT in 8 oz. (240 ml) of warm tap water.
Soak pouch for 2 hours, then rinse lightly in tap water. When not in use, store pouch in recharging solution.

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