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API Stress Zyme is the key to a clean, healthy, and thriving aquarium. With its powerful blend of live bacteria, Stress Zyme actively break down organic waste and debris that accumulate in your aquarium gravel bed. This minimizes sludge formation, keeping your tank cleaner for longer.

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API Stress Zyme is a revolutionary bacterial cleaner designed to keep your freshwater or saltwater aquarium sparkling clean and healthy. Packed with over 300 million live bacteria per teaspoonful, Stress Zyme tackles organic waste and debris head-on, making aquarium maintenance a breeze.

Unlocking the Power of Stress Zyme:

  • Breaks Down Sludge: Millions of beneficial bacteria in Stress Zyme actively consume sludge buildup in your gravel bed, preventing unsightly accumulations and keeping your aquarium clean.
  • Crystal-Clear Water: By eliminating organic waste, Stress Zyme promotes crystal-clear water, allowing you to fully appreciate the vibrant colours of your fish and plants.
  • Enhanced Aquarium Cycle: Stress Zyme actively boosts the natural biological filtration process in your aquarium. This ensures the breakdown of harmful ammonia and nitrite, creating a healthier environment for your fish.
  • Reduced Maintenance: By addressing waste buildup and supporting biological filtration, Stress Zyme helps you minimize water changes and simplifies aquarium upkeep.
  • Safe for All Aquariums: This natural and gentle formula makes Stress Zyme suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, ensuring the well-being of your aquatic inhabitants.

Simple and Effective Application:
API Stress Zyme is easy to use and integrate into your regular aquarium maintenance routine.

When to Use Stress Zyme:

  • Weekly Maintenance: For a consistently clean and healthy aquarium, add Stress Zyme to your routine water care regimen. Use 5 ml for every 38 liters (10 US gallons) of water on a weekly basis.
  • New Aquarium Setup: Double the recommended dose (10 ml per 38 liters) and use daily for the first two weeks of a new aquarium setup. This jumpstarts the biological filtration process, creating a healthy environment for your new fish.
  • Adding New Fish: Whenever you introduce new fish to your aquarium, use Stress Zyme to help manage the increased biological load and maintain optimal water quality.

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