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Aqua Natural Gold Pearl Gravel 4.53Kg





  • Description



Gold Pearl is a naturally smooth pebble sourced from New Zealand Southland's east coast beaches.

Its shapes are perfectly round or oval and are a brilliant gold pebble with black, grey, brown, green and white pebbles sprinkled in the background. This pebble gives a tropical beach feel to any aquarium and extremely unique.

The bold contrasting colors will give the bottom of your aquarium a unique substrate that is a great complement to bright green foliage. The naturally rounded 2-4 millimeter pebbles don't have sharp edges that could damage your underwater buddies.

The oval and spherical shapes tend to fit together without getting too compact so beneficial bacteria can still breed.

  • 100% Natural.
  • Pure and washed.
  • Kiln Dried.
  • Perfect size grading

All colours are natural and pure.

How much substrate to purchase
For a planted tank we suggest approx 5cm depth.

Directions for use
All Aqua Natural substrates have been triple washed, kiln dried and are exceptionally clean.
Simply rince before use.
Spread substrate evenly and fill with water slowly. 
Once the tank is filled start your filter. Any cloudy appearance should clear within a few hours.
For excellent plant growth it is recommended to spread a granule mineral fertiliser as a sub layer before adding the Aqua Natural aquarium substrate.

Aqua Natural is a world leader in both freshwater and marine aquarium substrates, natural decor and other aquarium products.