Aqua One AquaNano 25 Sponge 115S - 25115S

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Aqua One Sponge 115S
AquaNano 25


The Aqua One AquaNano 25 Replacement Sponge (115S - 25115S) is a genuine Aqua One replacement filter media specifically designed for the AquaNano 25 aquarium filter. This essential component plays a crucial role in maintaining a clean and healthy aquatic environment for your fish.


  • Genuine Aqua One Part: Ensures compatibility and optimal performance with your AquaNano 25 filter.
  • Bio-Filtration: The open-cell foam structure provides a large surface area for the growth of beneficial bacteria, which break down harmful ammonia and nitrite in your aquarium water.
  • Mechanical Filtration: The sponge traps debris and waste particles, preventing them from circulating back into the aquarium water and improving water clarity.
  • Easy Maintenance: The sponge can be easily rinsed and reused multiple times before requiring replacement.


  • Improved Water Quality: Promotes optimal water quality by supporting beneficial bacteria growth and removing debris.
  • Healthy Fish Environment: Reduces ammonia and nitrite levels, creating a healthier environment for your fish.
  • Crystal-Clear Water: Traps debris and waste particles for cleaner, clearer aquarium water.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple to rinse and reuse, minimizing maintenance time.
  • Genuine Aqua One Quality: Ensures compatibility and optimal performance with your AquaNano 25 filter.

Additional Information:

  • Compatibility: Aqua One AquaNano 25 Aquarium Filter
  • Replacement Schedule: It is recommended to replace the AquaNano 25 Replacement Sponge every 2-3 months, or sooner if it becomes clogged or visibly damaged.
  • Rinsing: Rinse the sponge gently under running tap water when performing routine aquarium maintenance. Avoid using hot water as this can kill beneficial bacteria.

Note: Maintaining a consistent water flow through the filter is essential for optimal performance. Regularly clean the filter and replace the sponge to ensure the continued health of your aquarium and its inhabitants.

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