Aqua One Goldfish Pellets 190g

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Aqua One Goldfish Pellets are particularly suitable for larger Goldfish, Shubunkins and many fancy varieties.

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Aqua One Goldfish pellets are intended for the daily feeding of all species of goldfish.
They are specially formulated to be easily digested by your fish, providing them with the essential vitamins and minerals they need to thrive within your aquarium whilst enhancing their natural colours.


Aqua One recommends feeding a variety of quality fish foods likes frozen, live and dry.
This will help keep your fish happy, healthy and looking their best whilst building strength to help them fight disease.


Fish can be fed small amounts up to 3 times a day over a 1 minute period. Ensure your fish eat all of the food put into the aquarium. Excess food should be removed if not consumed within 5 minutes.