Aqua One Impeller Set - 550 UFO / 510 AquaStyle 2i

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Replacement impeller 550 UFO / 510 AquaStyle
This Aqua One 2i Impeller is a genuine replacement part essential to ensures optimal performance of your aquarium filtration system.


Aqua One replacement impeller 2i for:

  • 550 UFO
  • 510 AquaStyle

The Aqua One 2i Impeller is a genuine replacement part. This essential component plays a crucial role in maintaining proper water flow and filtration within your aquarium.

Why Replace Your Impeller?

Over time, wear and tear, or debris buildup can damage your impeller, reducing its efficiency. A damaged impeller can lead to:

  • Decreased water flow: This can compromise the overall effectiveness of your filter by hindering the circulation of water through the filtration media.
  • Reduced filtration: Without proper water flow, debris and waste products may not be effectively removed from your aquarium water.
  • Increased noise: A damaged or clogged impeller can generate a noticeable humming or grinding sound.


  • Restores Optimal Performance: A new impeller ensures proper water flow and filtration, keeping your aquarium clean and healthy for your fish.
  • Improved Water Quality: Efficient water circulation promotes good water quality by removing waste products and maintaining oxygen levels.
  • Quieter Operation: A properly functioning impeller minimizes noise associated with your filter.
  • Genuine Aqua One Quality: This genuine replacement part ensures compatibility and optimal performance with your Aqua One filter.

Additional Information:

  • Installation: Replacing the impeller is typically a straightforward process. Consult your filter's user manual for specific instructions.
  • Maintenance: Regular cleaning of your impeller and filter components can help extend its lifespan and optimize performance.

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