Aqua One Lamp PL - 11w Mix Sunlight / Tropical

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The Aqua One PL - 11w Mix Sunlight / Tropical Lamp is the perfect lighting solution for a wide range of aquarium setups.
This unique bulb combines the benefits of both sunlight and tropical spectrum.

Suitable for Aqua One 126/380 Aquariums.
Part No: 53030.

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Sunlight lamps produce a natural white light that mimics the sun's light spectrum. This light is ideal for aquariums and terrariums, as it helps plants thrive and fish look their best.
Tropical lamps emit more blue and red light, which are essential for plant photosynthesis. This makes them a good choice for aquariums with live plants. Tropical lamps can also enhance the natural beauty of goldfish and tropical fish.


Code 53030 53032
Wattage 11w 18w
Pins 2 pins 4 pins
Size 234mm with socket 222mm with socket

11w Fits:

  • AquaStart 320T/340/500
  • AquaStyle 126/380/510
  • UFO 350/550
  • AquaMode 300/600

18w Fits:

  • AquaStyle 620/620T 


  • Versatile lighting blend: Combines the natural radiance of sunlight with the specialized lighting needed for tropical fish and plants.
  • Optimal spectrum balance: Provides essential light wavelengths for plant growth and fish vibrancy, ensuring a balanced and vibrant aquarium environment.
  • High energy efficiency: Delivers bright illumination while being mindful of energy usage.
  • Easy installation: Hassle-free replacement for your existing bulb.
  • Promotes plant growth.
  • Enhances natural colours: Encourages fish to display their natural colours and behaviors.


  • Supports the health and well-being of your fish and plants
  • Creates a natural and vibrant aquarium environment.
  • Reduces energy consumption and costs.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Promotes healthy growth and vivid colouration.
  • Enhances the natural beauty of your aquarium inhabitants.

Hints & Tips
Aquarium PL Lamps lose their intensity gradually over time. 
It is recommended to change lamps every 12 months to maintain a healthy aquarium.  
When changing the lamp avoid touching the glass. 
If contact occurs clean with an alcohol based solution and a clean lint free cloth.

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