Aqua One Powerhead O-ring for Nautilus 2700, Aquis 2200/2400 & Advance 2250/2450 Canister Filter

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Replacement o-ring for a range of the Aqua One canister filters - Nautilus 2700, Aquis 2200/2400 and Advance 2250/2450 models. 

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The Aqua One Powerhead O-Ring is a genuine replacement part specifically designed for Aqua One canister filters:

  • Nautilus 2700 & Nautilus 2700UV
  • Aquis 2200 & Aquis 2400
  • Advance 2250 & Advance 2450

This O-ring plays a crucial role in maintaining the proper function of your canister filter.


  • Genuine Aqua One Replacement: Ensures a perfect fit and optimal performance for your Aqua One canister filter.
  • Leak Prevention: Creates a watertight seal around the powerhead, preventing leaks and ensuring efficient water flow within the filter.
  • Easy Replacement: The O-ring is a simple and affordable replacement part that can be easily installed by most aquarium hobbyists.


  • Maintains Optimum Filtration: A properly functioning O-ring ensures a leak-free seal, allowing your canister filter to operate efficiently and deliver optimal water filtration for your aquarium.
  • Prevents Water Damage: Leak prevention protects your aquarium and surrounding furniture from water damage caused by a malfunctioning O-ring.
  • Extended Canister Filter Life: Replacing worn-out O-rings helps maintain the performance and longevity of your Aqua One canister filter.

Additional Information:

  • Compatibility: Aqua One Nautilus 2700/2700UV, Aquis 2200/2400, and Advance 2250/2450 canister filters.
  • Replacement Schedule: O-rings may need to be replaced periodically due to wear and tear. Signs that an O-ring replacement might be necessary include leaks around the powerhead or a decrease in filter performance.
  • Installation: Refer to your Aqua One canister filter manual for specific instructions on replacing the O-ring.

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