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Aqua One Scrub 'N' Clean Algae Pad (Fine)





  • Description

Keeping the glass on the inside of your aquarium clean, not only keeps your tank looking good, but allows you to observe your aquatic pets and ensure their well being at all times.

Suitable for both glass and plastic aquariums for cold water, tropical and marine.

Will not scratch plastic aquariums. 


Using an up and down action with the Scrub 'N' Clean, the algae on your aquarium glass will disappear.
For best results keep the Scrub 'N' Clean flat and in contact with the glass when cleaning.
Do not concentrate the Scrub 'N' Clean in one spot and ensure there is no gravel in between the Scrub 'N' Clean and the glass.


Clean your aquarium glass on a regular basis, in extreme cases clean the glass prior to doing a water change and remove the algae whilst siphoning your aquarium.
Check your filter after cleaning algae to ensure it is not clogged.

Size Dimensions (L x W x H) cm
Small 7 x 2 x 10 cm

Item No: 23203