Aquaforest ZeoMix 1L (1000ml)

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Zeo Mix is a specially selected blend of zeolites that can effectively remove ammonia, ammonium ions, phenols, and heavy metals from the water.

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ZeoMix is a specially selected blend of zeolites that is specifically designed for aquariums with a high bioload or ultra-low nutrient systems (ULNS). The carefully designed composition of Zeo Mix makes it a comprehensive, multifunctional filtration media that can effectively remove ammonia, ammonium ions, phenols, and heavy metals from the water. This makes it an ideal choice for demanding marine tanks.

Here are some of the benefits of using ZeoMix:

  • Effectively removes ammonia and ammonium ions: 
    ZeoMix can quickly and efficiently remove ammonia and ammonium ions from the water, which can help to prevent the buildup of nitrates.
  • Bonds phenols and heavy metals: 
    Zeo Mix can also bind phenols and heavy metals, which can help to improve the overall water quality of your aquarium.
  • Multifunctional: 
    Zeo Mix can be used in a variety of filtration setups, including media reactors, filter mesh bags, and fluidized filters.
  • Recommended for demanding marine tanks: 
    Zeo Mix is especially recommended for demanding marine tanks, as it can help to maintain stable water conditions and prevent the growth of algae.


100ml per 100 l of water in the aquarium.
Before using Zeo Mix, we recommend rinsing it in RODI water.
It can be used in a media reactor as well as in a filter mesh bag or sock.
Zeolites do not require shaking – they can be placed in a fluidised filter.
The recommended flow through the bed is 300-500L/H.
Zeo Mix should be replaced every 6 weeks. Zeo Mix does not lower the potassium level in the water.
Because of very high adsorption capabilities of zeolites, Zeo Mix should only be used in reef tank by experienced aquarists.


  • Zeo Mix is non-toxic and safe for use in aquariums.
  • However, it is important to keep Zeo Mix out of reach of children.

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