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AquaPro Solar Pump AP960SP







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AQUAPRO solar pumps have been manufactured with advanced technology to provide you with the best quality system for your pond or water feature.


AquaPro Solar Pumps are the perfect solution for those who do not have a power supply near by!


AquaPro Solar Pumps offers value for money with simple panel and pump design. They come with a full range of fountain accessories, such as a bell nozzle and daisy nozzle. These pumps are best suited as water features or a fountain. Ideally located in full sunlight only.



  • Eco friendly option.
  • Fountain kit included.
  • Easy to use mounting bracket and garden spike for solar panel
  • Small sponge inside cageing to filter fish waste. 
Model Pond Volume Flow Rate Heat Height Power Solar Panels
AP300SP Up to 100L Max 310 l/ph 0.80 m 2.5 W 1x Panel
AP960SP Up to 200L Max 960 l/ph 1 m 4.5 W 1x Panel
AP1360SP Up to 300L Max 1360 l/ph 2.1 m 10.5 W 1x Panel