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Blue Planet Deco O Mini (10L)






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The Blue Planet Deco O Mini puts a modern twist on the small conventional fish tank. 


Perfect for housing small fish species such as tetras or a Siamese Fighting Fish. 



  • 10L Glass Aquarium
  • Magic Touch lighting. No buttons!
  • 1W HPLED lighting creates relaxing shimmering sun-like ripples in your aquarium. The lighting module is completely sealed in a single glass module for years of care-free service. A gravity shield is attached to the lighting module to stop glare when the cover is opened. 
  • Individual blue and red lenses included to change the spectrum/mood of light. Easily interchangeable! 
  • Integrated air driven filtration system, built into tank decor - 12V air pump (2W), silicon air line and filter sponge with carbon cartridge included.   
  • Black gravel, decorative white rocks and coral as pictured included.
  • Bonus fish net and soft brush for maintenance.
  • Available in white only. 
Model Litres Dimensions (L x W x H) cm
Deco O  20 L 40 x 19 x 38 cm
Deco O Mini 10 L 34 x 14 x 31 cm



  • Glass aquarium
  • 1W Bright LED lighting with optional blue or red lense to change the colour of the light
  • 2W Air driven filter with air pump
  • Black gravel
  • White decorative rocks
  • Coral ornament
  • Fish net and soft brush
  • Available in white only