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Blue Planet Filter Pack for Classic 20, Classic 28, Hexy Midi & Betta + EG744





Product Description

Blue Planet filter media blocks.


Filter sponge, zeolite and carbon replacements for Blue Planet Classic 20, Classic 28, Hexy Midi & Betta + aquariums.


Part No. EG744

Will fit filter box R-010, R-020, R-025 (check the code located on the clear clip off lid on the filter box).


In the kit:

Mechanical: sponge removes food residues and other organic substances.

Chemical: activated carbon removes excess nitrogen, chlorides, organic compounds and heavy metal compounds. Zeolite removes ammonia from the water which is toxic for fish.

Biological: lots of cross-sectional area for beneficial bacterial growth, which helps maintain good water quality.



6x Media blocks.