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Blue Planet Fluke and Tapeworm 100 Tablets





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For the control of fluke and tapeworms in ornamental freshwater and saltwater fish.


Blue Planet Fluke and Tapeworm tablets have been developed specifically for use in aquariums, formulated with inert excipients to prevent pollution of aquariums. These tablets dissolve rapidly, releasing 95% of the active ingredient (praziquantel) within 10 minutes of application. Praziquintel has been knwon to effectively control fluke and tapeworm in ornamental fish for a number of years.  


Fluke: a common parasite in freshwater and marine aquariums. Many hundred species are known , the most common groups being Dactylogyrids (parasitising gills) and Gyrodactylids (parasitising gills, skin and fins). Dactylogyrids more commonly known as Gill Flukes, commonly infest all species of ornamental freshwater fish - particularily livebearers, Goldfish, Discus and Angelfish. Fish will show signs of respiratory distress, rapid gill movement, hanging at the surface, small red spots and scraping on objects to relieve irrations. Emaciation, inactivity and colour changes occur in chronic sufferers. 


Tapeworm: When present, they are found in the intestines, attached to the intestinal wall. Signs of infestation include enlarged abdomen and ill thrift. 

Do not use on fish intended for human consumption. Remove activated carbon from filtration system for best results.


Use 1 tablet per 20L of water. Dissolve tablet first in a cup of aquarium water and the add to aquarium. After 48 hours of initial treatment, change 25% of water and clean filter media. Repeat dose rate after 7 days to prevent re-infestation. Do not overdose. If condition does not improve, consult your veterinarian.


Warning: Use with caution when treating aquariums containing snails and catfish.