Bubbling Anchor With Floating Fish - Medium

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Kazoo aquarium ornaments are individually handcrafted with unmatched detail for an authentic and realistic look, enhancing your aquarium environment.


  • Height: 23cm
  • Width: 16.5cm
  • Depth: 11.5cm

Bring your underwater world to life with this bubbling anchor ornament from Kazoo!
This hand-painted polyresin ornament is aquarium safe and non-toxic, and it features a realistic anchor with a bubbling airstone and a floating clownfish.
The anchor is weighted for easy placement, and the soft silicone moves gently with the water.
The bubbling airstone provides a calming and relaxing atmosphere for your fish, and the floating clownfish provides a fun and interesting hiding place.
This ornament is perfect for any freshwater or saltwater aquarium, and it will add a touch of beauty to your underwater landscape.


  • Hand-painted polyresin construction
  • Aquarium safe and non-toxic
  • Weighted base for easy placement
  • Soft silicone moves gently with water
  • Bubbling airstone

Silicone tube is included to attach to air pump.
Air pump not included.
Always rinse ornaments before placing in aquarium.