Chihiros 35cm Stainless Steel Stand CO2 Diffuser

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Chihiros CO2 Diffuser Stainless Steel CO2 Tiny Bubble Diffuser

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Chihiros CO2 Diffuser Stainless Steel CO2 Tiny Bubble Diffuser

Small CO2 bubbles are distributed in the tank and guarantee an optimal CO2 uptake by the water plants.
The CO2 dissolves easily in the tank due to the fine dispersion of the Bubbles.

These CO2 diffusers come with two transparent suction cups, 90cm hose, and a stainless steel clip.


  • With high-quality ceramic membrane
  • Made of 304 stainless steel
  • Compatible with pressurised CO2 supplying systems
  • With connection for commercially available 4/6mm CO2 tubing
  • 2 transparent suction cups included
  • Replaceable M 30 and 25cm ceramic membrane
  • 90 cm hose included
  • Stainless steel clip included

It is normal for large bubble to appear on first use.
Larger bubbles will gradually decrease after 24 hours of continuous use and disappear within 3 days.