Chihiros A II series 120cm LED Light

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The Chihiros A II Series LED Light is a premium lighting solution designed specifically for the needs of densely planted freshwater aquariums.
This sleek and energy-efficient light utilizes high-quality LEDs to provide a full spectrum of light, promoting optimal plant growth and vibrant colouration in your aquatic environment.

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Chihiros A II Series LED lighting set is specifically designed for planted tank application. 

Targeted Plant Growth: Full-spectrum lamps cover a spectral range of approx. 400 - 700 nm, with strong focus on the red & blue spectrum without compromising green & yellow rays.
The individual LEDs have a color temperature around 8.000 Kelvin & are arranged in 3 rows across the entire lamp to ensure a well-balanced illumination as to not cast any shadows.

Quality LEDs are energy efficient and comparable to conventional T8 and T5 lighting.

Enhanced Aesthetics: The A II Series boasts a modern and minimalist design, seamlessly integrating into your aquarium setup without sacrificing aesthetics. The transparent acrylic stand creates the illusion of the light floating mid-air, adding a touch of elegance to your tank.

Quality LEDs are energy efficient and comparable to conventional T8 and T5 lighting.

LED Quantity: 120pcs
Luminous Flux:4800lm

With a built-in controller, now you can simulate sunrise and sunset effect, customized spectrum intensity at each time point, hence do not require timer installation anymore!

Can Be Controlled via Mobile phone App "My Chihiros"
Support Both IOS and Android OS

Benefits for Your Planted Tank:

  • Vibrant Plant Growth: The full-spectrum light promotes strong and healthy plant growth, creating a lush and thriving underwater landscape.
  • Enhanced Fish Coloration: The balanced light spectrum can also contribute to more vibrant colouration in your fish.
  • Reduced Algae Growth: The optimized light spectrum helps to control unwanted algae growth, allowing your desired plants to flourish.
  • Easy Control and Customization: The built-in controller offers convenient control over your lighting settings for optimal plant growth.

Casing Colour: Black

Suitable for freshwater tanks.

Chihiros lamps should only be used over open tanks and are not designed to be used under a closed top.
Usage under a closed top is not allowed as LED’s may corrode from trapped moisture.

A II 30cm 30cm Tank W: 285mm
D: 67mm
H: 10mm
30 LEDs White LED 1400lm 14w
A II 35cm 35cm Tank

W: 335mm
D: 67mm
H: 10mm

40 LEDS White LED 1700lm 15w
A II 40cm 40cm Tank

W: 385mm
D: 67mm
H: 10mm

40 LEDS White LED 1700lm 15w
A II 45cm 45cm Tank W: 435mm
D: 67mm
H: 10mm
50 LEDs White LED 1950lm 21w
A II 50cm 50cm Tank W: 485mm
D: 67mm
H: 10mm
50 LEDs White LED 2060lm 23w
A II 60cm 60cm Tank W: 585mm
D: 67mm
H: 10mm
60 LEDs White LED 2450lm 26w
A II 80cm 80cm Tank W: 785mm
D: 67mm
H: 10mm
80 LEDs White LED 3300lm 32w
A II 90cm 90cm Tank W: 885mm
D: 67mm
H: 10mm
90 LEDs White LED 3580lm 40w
A II 120cm 120cm Tank W: 1185mm
D: 67mm
H: 10mm
120 LEDs White LED 4800lm 53w

LED Light - 1 year Australian warranty

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