Chihiros Replacement Ceramic Diffuser L 30cm and 35cm

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Replacement ceramic for 30cm and 35cm stainless steel diffuser.

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Replacement membrane for Chihiros stainless steel CO2 diffusers.
Quick and Easy to replace, the replacement membrane guarantees effective atomization.

The Chihiros Replacement Ceramic Diffuser is a vital component for ensuring efficient and long-lasting CO2 diffusion within your Chihiros CO2 system. This high-quality replacement diffuser membrane guarantees the proper release of CO2 bubbles, maximizing the benefits of CO2 injection for your planted aquarium.


  • Designed for Chihiros Diffusers: Specifically constructed to seamlessly fit various Chihiros stainless steel CO2 diffuser models (check compatibility details for your specific diffuser size).
  • Superior CO2 Diffusion: The microporous ceramic membrane produces a fine, even stream of CO2 bubbles, optimizing gas exchange and dissolving rate within your aquarium water.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Durable ceramic material ensures extended service life and reliable CO2 diffusion performance.
  • Easy Replacement: The replacement diffuser can be quickly and easily installed in your Chihiros CO2 diffuser, minimizing downtime and maintaining consistent CO2 delivery.
  • Maintains Optimal Plant Growth: Ensures the efficient diffusion of CO2, a vital nutrient for healthy plant growth and vibrant coloration in your planted aquarium.


  • Maximizes CO2 Efficiency: Fine-bubble diffusion optimizes CO2 utilization by plants, minimizing waste and maximizing the benefits of CO2 injection.
  • Supports Thriving Plants: Provides optimal CO2 levels, promoting healthy plant growth, vibrant coloration, and overall aesthetics in your aquarium.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple replacement process keeps your Chihiros CO2 diffuser functioning at peak performance.

Replacement membrane for Diffuser M 

  • Chihiros Stainless Steel Diffuser 20cm
  • Chihiros Stainless Steel Diffuser 25cm
  • Height of seal 5mm, Ø without/with seal 15/20mm

Replacement membrane for Diffuser L 

  • Chihiros Stainless Steel Diffuser 30cm
  • Chihiros Stainless Steel Diffuser 35cm
  • Height of seal 5mm, Ø without/with seal 25/31mm

Note: Membrane for diffusers should be changed regularly so that the diffusion works optimally. Most manufacturers recommend intervals of 6 to 12 months.