Chihiros Shade for WRGB2 30 and Slim 30 - 30cm

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$79.70  Inc. GST

Optional Chihiros Shade for the
WRGBII 30cm, Slim 30
Add on light reflector enhances illuminance up to 15%
with mirror

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The Chihiros Shade with Mirror for WRGB2 30cm & Slim 30 is an optional accessory designed to optimize the performance and aesthetics of your Chihiros WRGB2 & Slim LED lighting system.

Unveiling the Benefits:

  • Reduced Blinding: The shade acts as a barrier, preventing excessive light from directly reaching your eyes, creating a more comfortable viewing experience.
  • Enhanced Downlight: The shade strategically reflects light downwards, increasing downlight illuminance by up to 15%. This ensures optimal light distribution and penetration within your aquarium, promoting healthy plant growth.
  • Effortless Installation: The shade boasts a user-friendly design. Simply hang it into the designated top slots of your WRGB2 30cm & Slim 30 LED fixture - no additional tools or fixation materials are required.
  • Sleek and Modern Design: The black shade complements both the black and silver versions of the WRGB2 30cm & Slim 30 LED, maintaining the sleek and modern aesthetic of your aquarium setup.

Additional Features:

  • Two Shades per Set: Each package includes two black shades, providing complete coverage for your WRGB2 & Slim LED fixture.
  • Compatibility: Designed specifically for Chihiros WRGB2 30cm & Slim 30 LED lighting systems.

Invest in Optimal Lighting Control:
The Chihiros Shade for WRGB2 30cm & Slim 30 (BLACK) is a valuable addition for aquascapers seeking to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of their Chihiros lighting system. By reducing blinding, improving light distribution, and offering a hassle-free installation, this shade promotes a thriving underwater environment while ensuring a comfortable viewing experience for you.

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