Continuum Aquatics AquaBlade Algae Mop Attachment

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The Continuum Aquatics high-tech acrylic safe AquaBlade Mop attaches to all Continuum AquaBlade P and AquaBlade M Scrapers.

  • Safe for glass and acrylic aquariums
  • Wide surface area reduces cleaning time
  • Swivel head for easy manoeuvring
  • Removable and washable mop head
  • Replacement Mop pad available
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The Continuum Aquatics AquaBlade Mop attaches to ALL the Continuum AquaBlade Long and Continuum AquaBlade Short Scrapers.

A safe and effective way to remove diatoms, soft algae, and cyanobacteria from your aquarium.
Made of a soft, non-abrasive material that will not scratch your glass or acrylic aquarium and will gently remove algae without damaging your aquarium.
The mop head is attached to a swivel base, which allows you to reach all areas of your aquarium, even in tight corners. The wide surface area of the mop head also helps to reduce cleaning time.

The AquaBlade Algae Mop is easy to use.
Simply attach the mop head to your AquaBlade scraper, wet the mop head, and start scrubbing.
The mop head is removable and washable, so you can keep it clean and sanitary.

The 15cm width of the pad and the angled head maximizes efficiency and decreases the time required to clean your aquarium.
Perfect for both fresh and saltwater.

  • Gently scrubs Diatoms, 
  • soft algae and Cyanobacteria
  • Safe for acrylic or glass aquariums
  • Swivel head so can be used at all angles
  • Wide surface area so reduces cleaning time

Fits All Continuum AquaBlade P and AquaBlade M Scrapers.
(AquaBlade Mop attachment shown on AquaBlade Scraper - Sold Separately)

Replacement Pad - Sold Separately

Replacement blades designed to fit ALL the Continuum AquaBlade Long and Continuum AquaBlade Short Scrapers.