Dymax Driftwood Large

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Natural wood that is ideally suited for aquascaping.
Each piece is unique and will differ slightly from photos.

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Unleash the Beauty and Functionality of Driftwood

Dymax Driftwood offers a stunning and natural way to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your freshwater aquarium.
Each piece is uniquely shaped, adding a touch of character and realism to your underwater world.
It is also safe for fish and plants, and will help to improve the water quality in your aquarium.
Driftwood is a great way to add hiding places for your fish and shrimp.

Nature's Touch for Your Aquascape:

  • Unique and Captivating: Dymax Driftwood is a true one-of-a-kind addition to your aquarium. Every piece is natural, resulting in variations in shape, size, and texture. This individuality allows you to create a truly personalized and captivating aquascape.
  • Ideally Suited for Aquascaping: The intricate branching and interesting formations of Dymax Driftwood provide the perfect canvas for creative aquascaping. Utilize it as a centerpiece, create hiding spots for fish, or build natural-looking slopes and terraces within your underwater world.
  • Enhances Water Quality: Dymax Driftwood can play a role in establishing a healthy aquarium environment. As it breaks down slowly, it releases humic substances that can slightly lower water pH and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Before Introducing Dymax Driftwood to Your Aquarium:

  • Rinse Thoroughly: Rinse the wood in clean water to remove any loose particles or debris.
  • Preparation: While not essential, some aquascapers prefer to soak the wood for a short period to further accelerate the sinking process and leaching of tannins (which can slightly colour the water).
  • Natural Sinking Process: Dymax Driftwood may float initially. However, it will naturally waterlog and sink within a few days to a week. You can weigh it down temporarily with rocks or aquarium decorations if desired.

Each Piece a Captivating Work of Nature:

Please note: Due to the natural variations in Dymax Driftwood, each piece may differ slightly in size, shape, and colour from the images displayed. This inherent uniqueness adds to the charm and authenticity of this aquascaping element.

Additional Information:

  • Compatibility: Freshwater aquariums only. Not suitable for saltwater use.