Fluval Ceramic CO2 Ceramic Diffuser

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Use the Ceramic CO2 Diffuser to effectively dissolve CO2 in the aquarium.

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The Fluval Ceramic CO2 Diffuser is a reliable and effective solution for supplying essential CO2 to your planted aquarium. This diffuser utilizes a high-grade ceramic disc to create a fine mist of CO2 bubbles, ensuring optimal diffusion and distribution throughout your tank, promoting healthy plant growth.


  • Highly Porous Ceramic Disc: The ceramic disc features microscopic pores that break down CO2 bubbles into a fine mist, maximizing surface area for efficient CO2 absorption by your plants.
  • Enhanced CO2 Diffusion: The fine mist created by the ceramic disc ensures even distribution of CO2 throughout the water column, reaching all your plants effectively.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: The ceramic material is built to withstand wear and tear for long-lasting performance.
  • Easy to Clean: The ceramic disc is easily cleaned to maintain optimal diffusion efficiency. (Refer to manufacturer's instructions for cleaning recommendations.)
  • Simple Installation: The diffuser attaches easily to standard airline tubing (not included) and can be placed strategically within your aquarium for optimal CO2 flow.


  • Promotes Healthy Plant Growth: Provides a readily available source of CO2 for photosynthesis, encouraging lush and vibrant plant life in your aquarium.
  • Efficient CO2 Diffusion: Maximizes the use of CO2 by creating a fine mist for optimal absorption by plants.
  • Reduced CO2 Waste: Efficient diffusion minimizes wasted CO2, ensuring your CO2 system operates effectively.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple cleaning process helps maintain optimal performance

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