Fluval CO2 Indicator Kit Refill Solution

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The Fluval CO2 Indicator Solution is a replacement solution.
This 10ml bottle provides the necessary liquid to replenish your CO2 indicator and continue monitoring the approximate CO2 level in your freshwater aquarium.

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The Fluval CO2 Indicator Kit Refill Solution is a replacement solution and can be used with any Glass CO2 Indicator.
This solution allows you to continue monitoring the approximate CO2 level in your freshwater aquarium after the initial solution in the indicator has been depleted.


  • CO2 Level Monitoring: Provides a visual indication of the approximate CO2 concentration in your aquarium water.
  • Easy to Use: Simply refill the indicator chamber with the solution for continued monitoring.
  • 10ml Bottle: Provides multiple refills for extended use.

How it Works:

The solution changes color based on the CO2 level in the surrounding water.
By observing the colour change, you can adjust your CO2 injection system to maintain the desired CO2 concentration.

Yellow – CO2 too much

Green – Sufficient CO2

Blue – Insufficient CO2


  • Maintains CO2 Monitoring: Enables continuous monitoring of CO2 levels for optimal plant growth.
  • Easy Maintenance: Replenishes the solution for continued use without replacing the entire indicator kit.
  • Cost-Effective: Provides a more economical way to maintain your CO2 monitoring system.


  • Designed for use with the Fluval CO2 Indicator Kit (Fluval A-7551).

Additional Information:

  • Volume: 10ml

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