Fluval FX2/FX4/FX6 Series Ribbed Hosing

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Replacement ribbed hosing for the Fluval FX2/FX4/FX6 High Performance Filters.

Suitable for:

  • Fluval FX2 High Performance Filter (A213) 
  • Fluval FX4 High Performance Filter (A214)
  • Fluval FX5 High Performance Filter (A218)
  • Fluval FX6 High Performance Filter (A219)


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The Fluval Ribbed Hosing for FX Canister Filters  is an essential replacement part for your high-performance Fluval FX series canister filters. This genuine hose ensures a seamless connection between your filter and aquarium, maintaining optimal water flow and filtration efficiency.

Guaranteed Compatibility:

  • Designed specifically for Fluval FX2, FX4, and FX6 canister filters.
  • Perfect fit for the original hose (part number A20236).
  • Ensures proper connection for reliable performance.

Benefits of Genuine Replacement Hosing:

  • Optimal Flow Rate: The ribbed design of the hose minimizes flow restriction, allowing your FX filter to circulate water efficiently throughout your aquarium.
  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials, this hose is built to withstand the demands of aquarium use, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Leak-Free Connection: Designed for a secure and leak-free fit with your Fluval FX filter, preventing water damage and maintaining aquarium cleanliness.
  • Peace of Mind: Opting for a genuine Fluval replacement hose provides guaranteed compatibility and performance, maximizing the lifespan and effectiveness of your FX filter.

The Right Choice for Your Aquarium:

The Fluval Ribbed Hosing for FX Canister Filters is the ideal solution for maintaining the optimal performance of your Fluval FX series filter. This genuine replacement hose guarantees a perfect fit, efficient water flow, and long-lasting durability, ensuring your aquarium environment remains healthy and thriving.

Additional Tips:

  • Regularly inspect your filter hoses for signs of wear and tear, such as cracks or leaks.
  • Replace hoses periodically to maintain optimal water flow and filtration efficiency.


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