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Hikari Goldfish Gold Baby (1.7-2.0mm)

Prices start from $10.60






Product Description

A colour enhancing daily diet for smaller Goldfish & Koi fry - mini sized pellet, floating pellet. 


  • Bring out the natural beauty of your Goldfish
    Contains Phaffia Dried Yeast, naturally rich in the carnotenoids necessary to develop natural colour and beauty. The addition of Astaxanthin further improves the colour enhancing capacity.
  • Helps reduce stress and stress related diseases
    The powerful anti-oxidant Polyphenol acts as an aid to help reduce the overall stress level of your pet which is common in a closed environment.
  • No artificial colour or flavors added.
  • A complete and balanced formulation, no supplemental feeding is necessary.
  • Contains all the necessary nutrients your pet needs to live a long and healthy life. The Laboratory verified growth characteristics makes this diet a superior choice over the competition!
  • Best for all Goldfish varieties and baby Koi larger than 35mm or 1.5 inch
    Our floating baby pellet is easy to feed and allows you to readily monitor your pet's intake to help avoid over-feeding and the related water quality and health issues that can result.