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Ocean Free MF-G1 Marine Pro Pellet Small 120g





Product Description

Ocean Free MF-G1 Pro Marine Fish is the state-of-the-art scientifically formulated fish feed that provides high nutrition for many species of carnivorous and omnivorous Marine fish, with an increased palatability to ensure optimal feed consumption.


Marine fish require a relatively high protein and calcium diet to grow especially during the juvenile stage.


1mm pellet size.



  • Enriched with a thoroughly tested metabolic enhancer that increases the feed’s digestibility and absorbability by at least 30%.
  • Bio-formulated with immune-enhancing substances that fortify your fish’s immune system for better health and extra resistance against sickness, thus reducing mortality.
  • Improves fish’s colouration in 1-2 weeks with a unique blend of natural spirulina and krill extracts with other natural colour enhancing elements.
  • Contain various nutrients that ensure your fish receive a wholesome meal for enhanced growth and development.