Pond One Prefilter Sponge 75x75x200mm

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Prefilter Sponge 75x75x200mm
with Screw Fitting

Compatible with:
Pondmaster 800-1000
Pondmaster MKII 1300-4900

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The Pond One Prefilter Sponge is an essential accessory for any pond owner using a Pondmaster pump.
This easy-to-install prefilter traps debris before it reaches your pump, preventing clogs and extending its lifespan.

Here's what makes it great:

  • Larger Intake Area: Reduces stress on your pump by allowing for a wider water intake.
  • Double Duty Filtration:
    • Strains Large Debris: The blue open-cell foam effectively traps leaves, twigs, and other large debris before they can clog your pump.
    • Promotes Beneficial Bacteria: The same foam provides a perfect habitat for nitrifying bacteria to grow. These beneficial bacteria break down fish waste and ammonia, keeping your pond water clean and healthy.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simply remove the sponge regularly and rinse it with clean pond water to remove debris. We recommend replacing the sponge every 12 weeks to ensure optimal performance.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 200mm (L) x 75mm (W) x 75mm (H)
  • Material: Blue Open-Cell Foam