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PondMax Complete Water Treatment 90g






  • Description
  • Directions

This revolutionary new treatment will clear your pond of suspended algae, blanket weed and organic sludge.


Containing billions of powerful enzymes and bacteria and now in easy to use dissolvable sachets, this is the easiest solution for your pond. Now you can have clean, clear and healthy water just by throwing a sachet into your pond every fortnight.



  • Naturally clears all types of algae and sludge
  • Concentrated formula
  • Contains billions of beneficial bacteria
  • 6 easy to use dissolvable sachets

Prior to starting treatment and during treatment, it is advisable to remove as much filamentous algae as possible. This will help preserve oxygen levels (as dying algae will absorb oxygen) and provide a longer lasting effect. 


Turn off UV system (if present) during application. Drop 1 sachet (15g) into the water. Maintain dose every 2 weeks for ponds over 2000 litres or monthly is pond is less than 2000 litres. Complete takes 4 weeks to naturally grow and see results. 


Use only as a pond treatment. Works best in water temperatures of 10°C or above.