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PondMAX EVO II EV2900 Submersible Pump





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3000 litres per hour

The PondMax EVO II submersible pumps have been manufactured with advanced technology to provide you with the best quality pumps for your pond or water feature.

Suitable for use in many different applications including fountains, water features, aquatic systems, aquarium applications and hydroponics. The pumps can either be used submersible or in line.

Includes 2 different front filter cages. One has a built in flow control that can be used to adjust the water flow, if the flow is too fast for a particular installation. The other cage contains a sponge filter insert to strain out large particles when using a fountain kit. 


  • Ideal for Garden Ponds and Water Feature Applications
  • Suitable for Fresh and Salt Water Applications
  • Tool-Less Assembly 
  • Soft Start with Rotor Stop Protection
  • Includes a Fountain Kit and a Range of Adapters
  • Auto Cut-off for Low Water Levels 


  • Variable frequency motor technology - extra high speed rotations of impeller.
  • Open vane impeller design - handles large particles size up to 4mm soft sediment. 
  • Long life impeller design - ceramic shaft is wear resistant and self-lubricated by water.
  • High head pressure - due to extra high speed rotations of impeller. 
  • Energy efficient - exceptional low power consumption to high water flow conversion.
  • Eco friendly - exceptional dB noise rating with low mechanical vibration. 
  • Marine compatible - see warranty disclaimer - no exposed copper. 
  • Tool-less assembly - for easy maintenance. No special tools required. 
  • Rotor stop protection - sensors automatically cut power in the event that the impeller stops rotating, reducing the chances of motor burn out. 
  • Soft start - rotor starts at low speed and increases over a short period of time. This reduces sudden recoil kick back on start up.


  • PondMAX Fountain & Pond pumps are suitable for use in many different applications including fountains, water features, aquatic systems, aquarium applications and hydroponics. The pumps can be used in either submersible or in-line use applications.
  • Submersible pumps are a magnetically driven centrifugal pump, therefore they cannot suck from a water level that is below the inlet level when used in-line.
  • Your pump has a single moving part (an impellor set) enabling easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • The models EV1900 – EV13600 Pumps have intelligent circuitry that analyses the speed and torque of the motor. It will increase and decrease the energy usage to maximize efficiency. The soft start nature of the system helps to avoid sudden jolting at start up. The intelligent system will change the motor speed to maximize the flow of water in the given circumstances. If the Impellor gets jammed or stops, the circuitry will sense the state and cut the power automatically for 3 seconds and then power up again. This procedure will repeat 3 times. If the rotor is still jammed, it will activate a prolonged low state, till the pump is turned off, and adequate maintenance is carried out. Thus minimizing motor burnout, due to electrical heat, through lack of water flow through the motor.
  • The motor and electrical components are totally encapsulated in epoxy resin, ensuring safe operation under water.
  • The pump has a robust bearing and shaft design so no Oil/grease lubrication is required.PondMAX pumps, that have plastic impeller parts and ceramic shafts, can be used in Marine applications as there is no exposed copper. For Marine use, please see warranty disclaimer.
  • PondMAX Submersible Pumps are continuous rated therefore are designed to operate 24/7.
  • An optional fountain kit can be purchased and fitted to the models EV650 – EV4900 pumps. Some of these models include a sponge pre-filter that assists in straining the partials in the water, to assist the fountain nozzles becoming blocked up with debris
  • 10m cable.
  • Warranty 2 + 1 years. 

Download PondMax EV Submersible Pump Instruction MANUAL pdf

Model Flow Rate (l/ph) Head Height (m) Power Consumption (W)
1800 l/p 2.4 m 12W
EV2900 3000 l/p 3.4 m 20W
EV3900 4000 l/p 3.8 m 27W
EV4900 4900 l/p 5.0 m 45W