PondMAX Fungus & Bacteria Blitz Treatment 500g

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PondMAX Parasite & Ulcer Blitz is a scientifically formulated blend of inorganic compounds & plant extracts, beneficial organisms, enzymes, minerals and healing aids designed to combat fungal and bacterial issues in your ornamental pond.
This unique blend of ingredients works effectively to restore a healthy balance within your pond's ecosystem, promoting the well-being of your fish and plants.

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PondMAX Fungus & Bacteria Blitz Treatment is a fast-acting and scientifically formulated solution designed to combat fungal and bacterial problems in your ornamental pond. This unique blend of ingredients tackles these issues effectively while promoting a healthy and balanced aquatic environment.

Unveiling the Power of PondMAX Blitz:

  • Broad-Spectrum Action: PondMAX Blitz tackles a wide range of fungal and bacterial threats that can harm your pond fish and disrupt the delicate balance of your ecosystem.
  • Natural Ingredients: This treatment utilizes a blend of inorganic compounds and plant extracts, offering a safe and effective alternative to harsh chemicals. 
  • Promotes Healing: By creating ideal healing conditions, PondMAX Blitz encourages the natural recovery of your fish, promoting a faster return to full health.
  • Easy Application: The simple application process involves mixing the powder with pond water and distributing it evenly across the surface.
  • Treats Large Ponds: A single container effectively treats ponds up to 5,625 liters (1,500 gallons).

Restoring Harmony in Your Pond:
By using PondMAX Fungus & Bacteria Blitz Treatment, you can address fungal and bacterial issues in your ornamental pond, leading to a healthier environment for your fish and other aquatic inhabitants.

Simple and Effective Application:

  1. Measure and Mix: Use the provided measuring spoon to determine the correct dosage for your pond size. Mix the powder with pond water in a separate container (bucket or watering can).

  2. Apply Evenly: Pour the diluted solution into your pond, ensuring even distribution over the entire surface area.

Dosage Information:

  • Standard Dose: Use one heaped spoonful (provided) per 300 liters of pond water.
  • Maximum Effect: For heavily impacted ponds, you can double the dose and distribute it evenly.

Additional Considerations:

  • Temporary Cloudiness: The pond water may experience a brief period of cloudiness after treatment. This is temporary and will clear quickly.
  • Treatment Frequency: For optimal results, use PondMAX Fungus & Bacteria Blitz Treatment once a week for four consecutive weeks.
  • Oxygen Levels: Be mindful of pond oxygen levels, especially during hot weather or when dealing with large amounts of dying algae. Consider performing a water flush with fresh, cool water if oxygen levels become depleted.
  • Mucus Enhancers: This product contains mucus enhancers, which can aid fish health.

Safety Precautions:

  • Keep PondMAX Fungus & Bacteria Blitz Treatment out of reach of children and pets.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after handling the product.


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