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PondMax Pro Pond Sucker Vacuum





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The PondMax Sucker is ideal for removing sludge and algae from the bottom of ponds.


The Super Sucker Vacuum is an ideal tool to use after your pond has been treated for algae.


The Sucker cleans and does a water change by emptying the pond at the same time. It only removes the polluted water from the bottom of the pond, thus eliminating the need for the pond to be totally emptied and scrubbed.


No power required.


Easy to use - works on normal garden hose (12mm) fittings.


Includes 3 meters of anti kink tubing and aluminium extension handle.


1. Unpack the PondMax Sucker and connect the extendable handle. Connect a standard 12mm click on hose fitting to the inlet hose connector.


2. Attach the 19mm discharge pipe (or 19mm hose of your choice) to the barbed outlet pipe and place the other end of the discharge pipe in the garden/bucket.


3. Net out any large leaves/ debris from the pond floor and allow to settle.


4. Turn the tap on to desired pressure (half flow recommended) and start vacuuming pond sludge and sedimentation. Adjust pressure accordingly.


5. Tap water passing through the PondMax Sucker will not flow into your pond. The venturi action will suck and remove the pond water with the sludge and sediment.


6. Vacuuming is completed, turn off the tap and make sure to condition your water before refilling your pond.