Red Sea Reefer 3-in-1 ReefATO+

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Exceptionally reliable and smart ATO, temperature monitor and leak detector

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Smart. Safe. Quiet.

The ReefATO+ is designed to maintain a stable salinity and water volume in a reef aquarium by automatically replenishing the water lost due to evaporation.
In addition, the ReefATO+ provides two other critical aquarium health indicators: a fully featured on-line digital temperature monitor and a leak detector.

The ReefATO+ Consists of:

ATO Sensor

Slim-line, multi-input, titanium probe, solid-state (EC technology) water sensor, with a built in digital thermometer accurate to 0.1 degree.

Water Level Sensor:
Fail-proof (solid-state EC technology) water level sensor, with built-in back-up pump-OFF probes located 2.5cm above the normal pump-OFF point.
The full array of the Reef-Spec titanium probes gives an indication at all times of the actual water level relative to the sensor, which can be seen on the ReefBeat App at all times.

Temperature Sensor, Logs and Notifications:
The temperature sensor integrated in the ATO+ sensor has been pre-calibrated to give an accuracy of ±0.1°.
The ReefBeat App allows you to set a narrow “desired” temperature range, and a slightly wider “acceptable” range, that will be seen on-line in the ReefBeat App and in the full temperature logs.
In the event that the temperature goes outside the acceptable range you will get a notification to your smartphone.
The detailed logs will show you the minimum, maximum and average temperatures at 15 minute intervals for the past 28 days.

ATO Pump

Quiet, variable flow, serviceable ATO pump (6-10w), diameter 4.5cm, max flow 300lph, max head 2.5m

  • Quiet, variable flow, 12 vdc ATO pump.
  • Cylindrical design with diameter of 4.5cm / 1.8” to fit inside standard jerrycans.
  • Max flow rate 300 lph / 75 gph, Max head 2.5m / 8’, power 6–10W.
  • Pump performance monitor in the controller will shut down the pump automatically and let you know through the ReefBeat App if it is not connected, stalls or RO reservoir runs dry.
  • Pump speed is automatically adjusted according to your installation to maintain a flow rate of approximately 72 lph / 18 gph ensuring a splash proof and quiet flow of water into the sump.
  • The noise damping rubber impellor chamber cover and impellor can be removed for pump maintenance.
  • Includes lock-nut on the outlet hose barb for secure connection to the silicon tubing.

Leak Detector

Highly sensitive, REEF-SPEC, titanium probe leak detector for RO and seawater, triggers notifications to App with optional audible alarm.

The highly sensitive, Reef-Spec leak detector with saltwater resistant titanium probes detects the full range of waters from RODI to seawater.
If a leak is detected the ATO Auto-fill is immediately disabled, and after a few seconds to confirm that the leak persists, the controller sounds an optional audible alarm and sends a notification to your mobile device.
Connect the Leak Detector to the Emergency Quick-action for the aquarium and ReefBeat eco-system will automatically shut down other ReefBeat devices such as the ReefRun return pumps.

Smart Controller

The micro-processor monitors and reliably controls all of the components and connects them to the ReefBeat eco-system.

Complete Installation Kit

  • Sensor holder and magnetic corner mounting bracket for 12mm glass
  • 3m -1.5mm thick silicone tubing ID5mm
  • Silent flow - Tube holder, clips on 4-12mm glass
  • Siphon Breaker


l-proof (solid-state EC technology) water level sensor with built-in safety shutoff.
Automatic shut-down if the sensor is not connected, if the pump runs significantly longer than normal, if the RO reservoir runs out of water or if a leak is detected.

ReefBeat integrates all of Red Sea’s smart devices into one smart, synchronized eco-system that you can fully control from the palm of your hand, providing you with extra peace of mind, as just a quick glance will update you on the status of all your devices.

See the current status of all features of the ReefATO+.

ATO Level
See the current water level in the pump chamber
Top-off Level
Hourly record of number of fills and volume of water added to your aquarium for the last 28 days.
Temperature Log
Detailed record of minimum, maximum and average temperatures for the last 28 days.
Temperature Ranges
Set the desired and acceptable temperature ranges for your aquarium,
Leak Settings
Settings preferences for the Leak Detector.
Peace of Mind
Receive notifications if the temperature is outside acceptable range, if there is a leak or if your RO resevoir has run dry.