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Seneye Reef Monitor






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Ever lost a fish and don't know why? Want to know how to make your fish thrive? You can help stop losing fish from new tank syndrom with a Seneye Home. Suitable for marine aquariums.


The Seneye Reef monitors:

Ammonia (with seneye+ slider)

pH (with seneye+ slider)


Water level

Oxygen levels

PAR, LUX and Kelvin levels

Broken heater and filter crashes


The intelligent software in Seneye Home, automatically tests these life threatening parameters and alerts you before there is a problem. The Seneye constantly performs these readings, completing an average of 5600 readings per month.


The alerts can be customised and sent directly to your phone via SMS or by email. These results can be uploaded using the Seneye software and advice on how to fix the problem can be obtained right on the spot.


Simply place the device in the aquarium water using the suction cup provided and readings can be monitored straight away.


Includes one Seneye+ Slider to measure pH and Ammonia levels. Each slide last's 30 days.