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Sunpole Magnus VSG-6000 Variable Speed DC Pump





  • Description

6000 litres per hour

Mighty and Brilliant
Ultra quiet

The Pump
Closed impeller design´╝őMost adaptive cavity design, bringing high pressure height.
Smooth water flow and convergence, prevents reverse flow and cavitation, achieving the most efficient torque and rotational speed, in turn improving MAGNUS overall performance.

The Smart Controller
The hidden part is a key point.

The MAGNUS controller built-in microprocessor adopts FOC sine wave.
That makes more stable torque output, high energy-efficiency, low noise, low vibration, outstanding performance.


Installed a brain.
Automatically remembers and resumes the last flow ratio value after the power is restored. Prevents overflowing due to the incorrect flow ratio setting.

Memory Function

Safety first.
If the pump gets stuck or an abnormal current occurs, this may cause the motor to malfunction. When this happens, the controller will display an error indicator and the pump will stop working to avoid a foreign object from entering the device and causing the unit to burnout.

Overload protection function

Heat dissipation
Cooling. Start from inside.
The MAGNUS controller's outstanding circuit design minimizes reactive power loss and heat. Using high quality transistors and current sensors provide low impedance, in turn decreasing heat generation. The aluminum heatsink on the back of the pump prolongs the life of the electronics components.

Small and Easy

Flow Adjustment
Six-step speed adjustment (adjusted range 10%-100%).

Hangable design
Hook design ensures optimal convenience and the rubber pad prevents scratches.

Feed Mode
Press FEED button for pausing 10 mins or press again to resume.

Ready for anything.
The modular design with fool-proof adaptors ensure easy assembly and convenient component replacement. In addition, the standard pipe size adaptors make it easy for the user to install and fit.

VSY-4000 VSG-6000 VSR-9000 VSB-12000
Flow 4000l/h 6000l/h 9000l/h 12000l/h
Max Head Height 3.5m 4.9m 5.6m 6.5m
Wattage 30w 50w 85w 150w
Dimensions 112x171x148mm 112x171x148mm 112x171x148mm 129x191x172mm
Weight 1.03kg 1.52kg 1.52kg 2.17kg