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Sicce XStream-E Wave Controllable Stream Low Voltage Pump





  • Description
XSTREAM-E Incorporates the new DC technology and is ideal to be used in advanced marine tanks to create the most natural waves. An adjustable flow rate and 4 pre-set timing programs embody all what is needed for any easy and professional aquarium care.

Settings on SICCE XStream-E Controller

  • PROGRAMM 1=Short Pulse: wave motion with 5 seconds pause
  • PROGRAMM 2=MEDIUM PULSE: wave motion with 20 seconds pause
  • PROGRAMM 3=LONG PULSE: wave motion with 30 seconds pause
  • PROGRAMM 5=CONTROLLER Connections. The pump can be connected to different type of controllers (0-10V)

XStream-E Pump Specifications

  • Selectable water flow rate from 3000l/h up to 8500l/h selectable on the Mini Controller
  • 6W - 16.5W