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Nitrate and Phosphate reduction via Carbon dosing - Red Sea

Fighting nutrient build up in the aquarium is one of the major struggles the common hobbyist must face on a daily basis. Today, there are several methods to reduce nutrient levels; some by resins (ad/absorbers) and other chemical filtration components, but the latest trends include “pro-biotic” and/or the enhancement of biological nutrient reduction by bacteria.

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A Primer on Aquarium Filtration - Seachem

Filtration is fundamental to maintaining a healthy aquarium environment and, unfortunately, it is an aspect of the hobby that is, at best, poorly understood and, at worse, fraught with unmitigated nonsense. Filtration is the removal, or separation, of one or more substances from one or more other substances There are three basic types of filtration that apply to the aquarium: mechanical, biological, and chemical.

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The Contrarian Reef - Seachem

At Seachem, we get many questions from hobbyists, not all directly related to our product line. We do our best to be helpful and answer questions without bias. We do not, however, follow the crowd, so that sometimes our views may seem contrarian. Here are some of the issues that come up repeatedly.

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