API Pyramid Weekend Feeder

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3 Day Pyramid Vacation Feeder
Contains nutritious food pellets that are released slowly over the course of 3 days.

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The API Pyramid Weekend Feeder is a convenient and easy-to-use fish feeder that can help you keep your fish fed while you're away from home.
The feeder is designed to dissolve slowly over the course of 3 days.

Suitable for freshwater tropical, coldwater fish.
Features secret chamber containing pellets which open up midway through the feeding cycle.

The API Pyramid Weekend Feeder is a great option for fish owners who need to leave their fish unattended for a short period of time.

Should be used as a temporary substitute for daily feeding for your fish while you are away on vacation.
This block, which contains a highly nutritious formula, is designed to slowly release the proper amount of food to your fish each day you are gone. This eliminates the risk of friends or neighbors overfeeding the fish, which can lead to harmful ammonia spikes in your tank.
Use as directed.


Place the Pyramid Fish Feeder in your aquarium. It will immediately start to dissolve, giving off a fine stream of bubbles. Within a few hours, the first nourishing food pellets will begin to swell and push out of the pyramid.

NOTE: In very hard water, dissolving time may increase.

Do not use in fishbowls or aquariums without adequate filtration and aeration, as water circulation is needed for the pyramid to dissolve properly. Avoid placing the feeder in the direct flow of the aquarium filter as it may dissolve too quickly.

1 pyramid is formulated to feed 5 to 10 fish up to 3 days depending on the temperature and pH of the water.