AutoAqua Smart AWC Duo

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Smart AWC Duo, an innovation efficient system that will automate the whole tank maintenance process for you.


Smart AWC Duo, an innovation efficient system that will automate the whole tank maintenance process for you with great convenience and high safety, which means you have more time to make your life easier and your aquarium more enjoyable.


Dual Functions
Top-notch performance

Smart AWC Duo’s two patented optical dual sensors and a touch screen can perform water change and water top off smartly.
The performance of the included quiet brushless pumps is better than that of the common peristaltic pumps and bring great efficiency.


Compact design
New experience

Its simple and intuitive touch interface saves you from complicated settings and allows you to complete multiple tasks effortlessly. This powerful gadget for any sizes of saltwater and freshwater aquariums realizes your dream of auto water change and auto top off regularly and quantitatively.

Double protection
Precise detection

Smart AWC Duo has two patented optical dual sensors.
If the main sensor is defective, the failsafe sensor will be backup and prevent over filling or over drain.
The easy-to-install magnetic dual sensors can detect water level precisely and ensure accurate water change and filling volume.

Quick security technology
High level safety

The unique Quick Security Technology (QST) protects the aquarium by spotting potential failure situations to prevent any disaster.
The built-in audible alarm will remind you about any accidents in time.
Your reef tank safety is our first priority.

Excellent in detail
Superior in exterior

Every detail of Smart AWC Duo is carefully designed in consideration of user-friendliness.
LCD display with backlight allows you to do settings in a dark room.
The controller with the integrated wall mount bracket can be easily fixed on the wall and fitted into the arrangement.

Water Change Can Be Simple and Easy!

Changing the tank water frequently is imperative for a healthy and stable reef tank.

Most aquarists agree that water change is the most time-consuming task when it comes to aquarium maintenance.
Studies have shown that replacing 2% of the water every day will greatly increase the stability and life of an aquarium.
AUTOAQUA’s new Smart AWC Duo is the most compact and efficient auto water change system in the world.
It meets your need for regular, multiple, and small volume water changes at one time and instant auto top off.


Smart AWC Duo Controller

Universal Power Adapter

DC Pump x3

Universal Tube Holder x3

Siphon Break x3

Tubing 19.6 ft (600 cm)