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Chihiros C2 Freshwater LED (16W, 1500lm)






  • Description

A clip on 60LED full spectrum LED light equipped with built-in bluetooth controller.
Suitable for terrariums, paludariums and nano planted tanks up to 36x25x22cm

Lumens: 1500lm
Power: 16w
LED: 60pcs leds

This light produces strong white light that closely matches our natural sunlight.
The light gives off that amazing shimmering underwater effect therefore enhancing the beauty of the plants and critters inside the tank.

Light fixture comes with adjustable mounting bracket for easy arm adjustment.
The bracket is designed to work on 8mm or thinner glass.
The arms can rotate 360 degrees.

Beautiful design and elegant look.
The lamp is made of aluminum alloy and is coated with frosted and rust-proof material.
The screws on the glass side are coated with soft silicone.
The power cables are completely hidden inside the body of the lamp.

  • Waterproof IP54, heat dissipation design
  • 1 year warranty
  • NOT for marine use.
  • NOT for framed/rimmed tanks.

Feature: built in bluetooth controller.

Can Be Controlled via Mobile phone App
"My Chihiros"
Support Both IOS and Android OS
Turn the light ON and OFF, and adjust the brightness from 10% to 100%.
The easy-to-follow ramping up and down features mimic the natural sunrise and sunset light waves.

Casing Colour : Black

Suitable for freshwater aquariums only.

Optional Base Stand SOLD SEPARATELY