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Red Sea Iron Trace Colours C 500ml





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Trace Colours C Supplement is a part of the complete range of complementary major, minor and trace element complexes which together provide the needs of corals.


A complex of eight “light” metals that includes iron, manganese, cobalt, copper, aluminum, zinc, chrome and nickel.


These micro-elements are essential for many bio-chemical metabolic processes, including respiration, production of energy, chlorophyll and photosynthetic catalysts. C elements are related to the green/yellow chromo-proteins.


To ensure coral health, the ppm level of these elements must be maintained within a narrow band and therefore should only be dosed according to a measured requirement of the aquarium. For optimal results, dose according to a measured uptake of Iodine using an Iodine test kit. An easier alternative us to dose in proportion to the dosing of Red Sea's Reef Foundation A (Calcium and Strontium) supplement.


For best results in displaying coral colours, use Red Sea's N03: P04-X

Aquarium Type Average Daily Usage Per 100L
Mixed Reef Calcium + (3ml) & Iron + (0.03ml)

SPS Frag

Calcium + (6ml) & Iron + (0.06ml)
SPS Dominant Calcium + (4ml) & Iron + (0.04ml)
Ultra Low Nutrient SPS Calcium + (2ml) & Iron + (0.02ml)


1ml will raise the Iron levels of 100L by 0.01 ppm