Chihiros Manual Dimmer

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The Chihiros Manual Dimmer is a practical accessory to manually adjust light intensity of Chihiros LED aquarium lights in 7 steps.
This easy-to-use dimmer offers precise control over the brightness of your Chihiros light, allowing you to tailor the lighting to the needs of your corals, fish, and plants.

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The Chihiros Manual Dimmer is a practical accessory designed for regulating the light intensity of Chihiros LED aquarium lights. 


  • 7-Step Dimming: Provides a range of brightness levels (7 steps) to adjust the light intensity of your Chihiros LED light according to your needs.
  • Manual Control: Simple and intuitive dial allows for easy and precise adjustment of lighting levels.
  • Cable Length: Approximately 30cm (1ft) cable provides flexibility for placement within your aquarium setup.
  • Retains Last Setting: When used with a timer, the dimmer remembers the last setting, ensuring consistent lighting conditions after power outages or restarts.


  • Optimizes Lighting Conditions: Allows you to adjust light intensity to create ideal environments for different types of fish, coral, and plants in your aquarium.
  • Promotes Coral Growth: Provides control over lighting intensity for optimal light levels that can benefit coral health and growth (especially relevant for saltwater aquariums with corals).
  • Simulates Natural Day/Night Cycle: The dimming function can be used to create gradual transitions between brighter daytime and dimmer nighttime periods, mimicking a natural light cycle within your aquarium.
  • Easy to Use and Control: The intuitive dial allows for effortless adjustment of lighting throughout the day.
  • Maintains Consistent Lighting: Retains the last setting when used with a timer, ensuring consistent lighting after disruptions.

Refer to the manufacturer's compatibility list for specific Chihiros LED light models (generally A series, B series with limitations, not recommended for C series beyond 60 watts).