Exo Terra Bio Drain Mesh Mini 30x30cm

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The non-toxic mesh will keep the underlying Draining Substrate separated from the decorative terrarium top-layer substrate.

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Exo Terra Bio Drain Mesh is a non-toxic, non-decomposable mesh that is used to create a water drainage system in terrariums.
It is part of the Exo Terra BioDrain Terrarium Draining System, which also includes the BioDrain Terrarium Draining Substrate.

The Bio Drain Mesh is placed between the Bio Drain Substrate and the decorative top-layer substrate in the terrarium. This helps to prevent the two substrates from mixing, which can contaminate the water. The Bio Drain Mesh also allows for proper water drainage, which is essential for the health of the terrarium inhabitants.

The Bio Drain Mesh is available in a variety of sizes to fit different sized terrariums. It is also easy to clean and maintain. Simply rinse it under warm water to remove any debris.

If you are looking for a way to improve the drainage and filtration in your terrarium, then Exo Terra Bio Drain Mesh is the perfect solution. It is a safe, effective, and easy-to-use product that will help to keep your terrarium inhabitants healthy and happy.


  • Creates a water drainage system in the terrarium
  • Prevents the decorative top-layer substrate from mixing with the Bio Drain Substrate
  • Allows for proper water drainage
  • Helps to keep the terrarium water clean and healthy
  • Safe for reptiles, amphibians, and other terrarium inhabitants
  • Easy to clean and maintain