Fluval Bio Foam+ 106/206 - 107/207

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Bio-Foam+ performs double duty as both an effective mechanical and biological media.

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Fluval Bio Foam+ provides exceptional mechanical and biological filtration for Fluval canister filters models 106, 107, 206, and 207. This essential media keeps your aquarium water sparkling clear and promotes a healthy environment for your fish.

Dual Action Filtration:

  • Mechanical Filtration: The dense foam structure effectively traps debris and waste particles, preventing them from circulating in your tank. This helps maintain water clarity and reduces the workload on your biological filter.
  • Biological Filtration: The intricate network of pores within the Bio Foam+ provides a massive surface area for the growth of beneficial nitrifying bacteria. These bacteria convert harmful ammonia and nitrite into less toxic nitrates, creating a safer environment for your fish.


  • Improves water quality for healthier fish
  • Reduces aquarium maintenance by trapping debris
  • Promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria for biological filtration
  • Easy to clean and reuse


  • Compatible with Fluval canister filters 106, 107, 206, and 207
  • Provides mechanical and biological filtration
  • Dense foam traps debris and waste particles
  • Large surface area for beneficial bacteria growth
  • Easy to clean and maintain

For Optimal Performance:

  • Rinse Bio Foam+ every 3 months with aquarium water during routine maintenance.
  • Replace Bio Foam+ every 6 months to ensure maximum filtration efficiency.


PT: A236