Hydor Theo Aquarium Heater 50W

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Suit Aquariums 20-50 litres
Length of Heater 17.8cm
The Hydor Theo heater is an essential aquarium component for maintaining accurate and safe water temperatures in any tank.

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Suit Aquariums 20-50 litres
Length of Heater 17.8cm

Aquarium heater with all the necessary features for safe and precise temperature maintenance of the water in your tank. The exclusive technology and the high quality of the components guarantee a long lasting product.

  • Submersible
  • No thermal shock
  • High impact resistance
  • Graduated scale
  • Vertical and horizontal positioning


  • Apply the supporting suction cups to the heater and place the product thus assembled inside the aquarium in an area with a good recirculation flow, so as to guarantee maximum efficiency, an even distribution of heat and greater accuracy.
  • Position the heater making sure the product is fully submerged or that the water level is above the point labelled “WATER LEVEL - TAUCHTIEFE - NIVEAU D’EAU - LIVELLO DELL’ACQUA”, visible just below the head of the heater.
  • Do not plug in the device until it is under water.
  • Set your desired temperature. The heater has a light that comes on only when the water temperature is below the desired level and the heater comes on. As soon as the water reaches the set temperature, the heater maintains that temperature automatically, and the light goes off.

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